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Online Festival 2021

The online festival is now over – thanks to everyone who joined us.

Here is the online programme for the 6th Dorking Film Festival.

We wanted to run a live event in 2021 but the uncertainty surrounding the relaxation of the coronavirus restrictions made it too difficult to organise. Luckily, some of the filmmakers in the programme have kindly agreed to let us show their films online over the next month. This page will be running until Sunday 11 July 2021.


Young Adult Short Films

No Fixed Address
Directors: Olly Birkbeck, Ben Sibbit. UK, 2019, 3 mins.
Winner of Young Adult Short Films – 18 or younger

Kingston Upon Thames
Director: Luke Whatley-Bigg. UK, 2020, 3 mins.
Runner-up of Young Adult Short Films – 18 or younger

Autism Awareness
Director: Signal Film Media. UK, 2019, 2 mins.

The Catfish Club
Directors: Jack Sharkey, Qi Lin, Evan Pedley, Xach Hill, Henri Trigo, Leif Clayton. UK, 2020, 7 mins.

Raw Meat and Crack
Director: Zak Waddington. UK, 2021, 7 mins.

Rocco the Champ
Directors: Sebastian Swanborough, Richard Thirkeld. UK, 2020, 25 mins.

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Adult Short Films

Banned Betsy
Director: Leah Revivo. UK, 2020, 11 mins.
Winner of Adult Short Films

In Isolation
Director: Edmund C Short. UK, 2021, 10 mins.

Director: Sara Jordan. UK, 2020, 7 mins.

The Bench
Director: Guy Taylor. UK, 2020, 10 mins.

Three Short Animations on the Theme of “Socially-Distanced” Zombie Movies
Director: Molly Brown. UK, 2020, 2 mins.

How It Ends
Director: Molly Brown. UK, 2020, 1 min.

Scotch Egg
Director: Molly Brown. UK, 2021, 1 min.

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The Unsung Hero
Director: Philip Morley. UK, 2021, 12 mins.
Winner of Documentary Short Films

Memories of Mortlake
Director: Mark Forbes. UK, 2020, 11 mins.
Runner-up of Documentary Short Films

James Whitaker Wright and his Mansion
Director: Colin Lewis. UK, 2020, 6 mins.

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