Memories of Mortlake

Documentary Short Films

Here are the films selected for Documentary Short Films category at the 6th Dorking Film Festival in 2021.

1000 Days
Directors: Jeanette Rourke, Ron Bambridge. UK, 2021, 22 mins.
When Sangeeta Mahajan’s son, Saagar, committed suicide she started to write a blog for the next 1000 days. Filmmakers Jeanette Rourke and Ron Bambridge tell Sangeeta and Saagar’s story and explore an issue that is rarely discussed in detail. 

James Whitaker Wright and his Mansion
Director: Colin Lewis. UK, 2020, 6 mins.
Colin Lewis tells the story of James Whitaker Wright and the Witley Park estate in Surrey where he built a magnificent mansion including an underwater conservatory. 

Memories of Mortlake
Director: Mark Forbes. UK, 2020, 11 mins.
Elke, the owner of an antique shop in West London, discusses bric-a-brac, the demise of sewing skills among the young and the changing face of retail in this priceless film about shops, stuff and so much more.

Shoreham Lifeboat
Director: Roy Powell. UK, 2019, 10 mins. 
The history and workings of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) Shoreham Lifeboat Station in West Sussex are revealed.

Director: Jaafar Muraad. UK, 2020, 15 mins.
Authoritarian regimes may go but the scars left upon their people can linger for decades. Jaafar Muraad explores the plight of Iraqi citizens who were mutilated for refusing to fight in the 1990s but after Saddam Hussein was deposed their humiliation lingered. 

The Unsung Hero
Director: Philip Morley. UK, 2021, 12 mins.
The story of sailor Fred Vernon Morley, his life and his involvement in the Battle of Crete during the Second World War is revealed and celebrated.

Image from Memories or Mortlake