Young Adult Short Films

Here are the films selected for the Young Adult Short Films category at the 6th Dorking Film Festival in 2021.

Autism Awareness – A Hate Crime Film
Director: Signal Film Media. UK, 2019, 2 mins.
A mixed-media film using rotoscoping and live action to show college life from the point-of-view of an autistic student. The film was made by teenagers in Barrow-in-Furness as part of the Cumbria Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Can’t Let Go.
Director: Zac Wilding. UK, 2020, 4 mins. 
A woman wanders around a forest haunted by her memories of the past in this short film shot in Blackheath Common near Guildford. 

The Catfish Club
Directors: Jack Sharkey, Qi Lin, Evan Pedley, Xach Hill, Henri Trigo, Leif Clayton. UK, 2020, 7 mins. 
It’s anyone’s game at The Catfish Club when three mysterious figures compete in a high-stakes heist in this 1920’s set drama. 

Kingston Upon Thames
Director: Luke Whatley-Bigg. UK, 2020, 3 mins.
A documentary about Kingston Upon Thames in Greater London that showcases its iconic landmarks.

No Fixed Address
Directors: Olly Birkbeck, Ben Sibbit. UK, 2019, 3 mins.
Students from Signal Film and Media create a visual version of the poem ‘Sofa-Surfing’ by M Whatley about the pain and misery of homelessness. 

Raw Meat and Crack
Director: Zak Waddington. UK, 2021, 7 mins. 
A religious zealot descends into madness as his delusions grow stronger and stronger but his vision fails him. 

Rocco the Champ
Director: Sebastian Swanborough, Richard Thirkeld. UK, 2020, 25 mins.
Two friends argue and reminisce in the countryside as they mourn the death of their best friend.

Image from Rocco the Camp