Young Adult Short Films

Saturday 4 March 2020 – 10:30
84 mins
Certificate: DFF 15
Venue: Dorking Halls

The Dorking Film Festival asked filmmakers in Surrey, the South-East and the rest of the UK to send us their short films. Here are ten of the best from young filmmakers in higher education or aged eighteen years or younger. Neighbours go to war when two weddings take place on the same street at the same time, an eccentric father goes on the run after his son installs a mysterious app on his phone and a daughter is forced to confront her father when scandal erupts. Prizes will be awarded to the best films in each young adult category at the end of the session.

Young Adult Short Film Programme

18 or younger

Fox in the Snow
Emily Beck. UK, 2019, 5 mins.
When parents argue they aren’t the only people affected. A young girl seeks an escape from her parents’ volatile relationship in this heartbreaking drama.

Director: Rachel Jessett, Matthew King & Ben Sibbitt.
UK, 2019, 9 mins.
Emily wants independence and her mum can’t let go. So when they both wantto go out for the evening things come to a head.

Director: Alys Roberts.
UK, 2019, 4 mins.
A woman visiting her mother in hospital endures the pain of not beingrecognised. The mother, meanwhile, struggles to remember the face of herdeceased husband.

Director: Frank Hammond.
UK, 2019, 4 mins.
An eccentric father goes on the run after his son installs a mysterious appon his phone. This short from Sutton FilmMakers was shot in Banstead.

The Cloud
Director: Zachary Hill.
UK, 2019, 4 mins.
Love, loneliness and the difficulty of making genuine connections in the modernworld abound in this stop-motion animation.

The Ice Knife
Director: Jasmine Nugent.
UK, 2019, 8 mins.
When a woman attempts to commit the perfect murder it’s left to twodetectives to find the truth in an imperfect world in this murder mystery.

Who Is Bob Eisman?
Director: Nikolas Harris.
UK, 2019, 12 mins.
When retired celebrity chef, Bob Eisman, is accused of sexual offences, hisdaughter is forced to confront both him and herself in this drama for the MeToo era.

Higher Education

Closed Doors
Harry Binstead. UK, 2019, 14 mins.
Neighbours often compete but what are the changes of two Sikh weddings taking place at the same time on the same street?! Proud father Channu rises to the challenge in this comedy-drama.

Director: Oisín-Tomás Ó Raghallaigh.
UK, 2019, 8 mins.
Teenager Sarah finds the courage to open up about the abuse she sufferedfrom her mother while attending an appointment at a mental health clinic.Director Oisín-Tomás Ó Raghallaigh returns to the Dorking Film Festival afterHindsight in 2019.

Portsdown Park
Director: Eren Kaplan.
UK, 2018, 15 mins.
Life is freefall as teenager Natasha copes with his the imminent demolitionof her home. Brutalist architecture, social realism and a coming of age dramameet.

Image from the Ice Knife showing in Young Adult Short Films.