Remembering Nearfield

Documentary & Young Adult Short Films 2023

Sunday 8 October 2023 – 10:30
98 mins
Certificate: DFF PG
Venue: Denbies Wine Estate Visitor Centre

Here are the films selected for the Documentary and Young Adult Short Films categories at the 8th Dorking Film Festival in 2023.


Remembering Nearfield
Director: Sean Alexander Carney. UK, 2023. 9 mins.
Animation that raises awareness for Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity through the testimony of a sufferer.

Director: Defne Özden. UK, 2022, 7 mins.
The city is compared to the countryside in this visual poem set to verse by Adeeb Warren.

Seeing Art Differently
Directors: James Edward Kilpatrick, Jack Morris. 2023, UK. 3 mins.
An exploration of the journey of the blind artist Annie Fennymore.

Telling The Tale – Making a Tango Fairy Story
Director: Ryder Marsden. UK, 2023. 24 mins.
The motivations, trials and triumphs of an amateur tango show performed in the South East in 2022.

The Foundling
Directors: Cam Howe, Sam Briggs. UK, 2022. 9 mins.
The memories of Janet Feddon, one of the oldest surviving ‘foundlings’ raised in the Thomas Coram Foundling Hospital, an orphanage for illegitimate children, are set to evocative imagery.

Young Adult

Director: Elina Myshanych. Ukraine, 2023. 8 mins.
A teenager goes in search of missing girl in Kiev in the winter. Yet who is she really searching for and what exactly has been lost?

Always Connected
Director: Charlie Baxter. UK, 2023. 5 mins.
A tale of friendship, loss and human connection emerges from a series of social media videos from a pair of influencers facing stark reality.

Between Worlds
Director: Matthew Allan. UK, 2023. 4 mins.
A young man journeys through life one step out of sync with everyone else.

Into the Mist
Director: Sparks Hove. UK, 2023. 7 mins.
Civilisation moves underground under the aegis of the Commission following an invasion by aliens. But what really happened and can the Commission be trusted?

Life Changing
Director: Luke Elliott Whatley-Bigg. UK, 2022. 1 min.
A promising mountain bike rider has just received sponsored. The excitement leads him to take a risk too far with life changing consequences.

Losing My Rhythm
Director: Tilly Scott-Knight. UK, 2023. 4 mins.
After a recent trauma, a dancer struggles to find her rhythm, but inspiration can be found in unexpected places.

No Talking
Director: Olivia Lami. UK, 2023. 11 mins.
On the one year anniversary of his daughter’s death, taxi driver Jon continues a tradition of no talking for a day. Unfortunately his passengers have other ideas.

Director: Fraser Ball. UK, 2023, 5 mins.
Three men attempt to steal a diamond for their boss in a carefully planned heist.

Image from Remembering Nearfield showing in Documentary Shorts