The Snip

Adult Short Films 2023

Sunday 8 October 2023 – 13:15
102 mins
Certificate: DFF 15
Venue: Denbies Wine Estate Visitor Centre

Here are the films selected for the Adult Short Films category at the 8th Dorking Film Festival in 2023.

10 Hours to Die
Director: Sam Casserly. UK, 2023. 5 mins.
Pete, a Daniel Craig lookalike takes us through a summary of his one man show, ‘10 Hours to Die’.

Director: Ben Kernow. UK, 2023. 14 mins.
The cost of living crisis bites in a Cornish coastal town but Biddy has a plan and an inclination for fine art. Can she paint herself out of trouble?

I Don’t Think You’re Listening
Director: Jason Nwachukwu. UK, 2023. 8 mins.
A young man decides to finally open up to his therapist, only to find the responses aren’t what he expected and lines begin to blur.

Playing Away
Director: A D Cooper. UK, 2022. 15 mins.
An elderly couple escape through a window for the day to rediscover their old seaside haunts and reaffirm their love.

Results Day
Director: Omari McCarthy. UK, 2023. 10 mins.
Two friends hang out in the park waiting to open their A-level results letters at the same time. Whatever happens next their lives will change but what about their friendship?

Director: Isaac Jaffray Macpherson. UK, 2023. 13 mins.
When’s Claire’s partner leaves on an impromptu work trip, her suspicion encourages her to hack into his email account. Relationships and memories collide in this compelling drama.

The Dead of Winter
Director: Stephen Graves. UK, 2023. 12 mins.
After an affluent man leaves a rough sleeper to die in the cold on Christmas Eve, he’s haunted by a figure that may be a vengeful spirit – or his own guilty conscience.

The Snip
Director: Ben S. Hyland. UK, 2023. 10 mins.
Tony and Lindsay are looking for a permanent solution to their family’s fertility, but for Tony, the simple procedure poses a threat to his fragile masculinity.

Director: Alan Cross. UK, 2022. 8 mins.
When two twin boys frivolously play with fire they don’t expect to get burnt – fate however has other plans!

Vipers’ Nest
Directors: Molly Brown, Howard Gardner. UK, 2022. 7 mins. 
Imagine Dragon’s Den – but with actual snakes – and one has already checked into the demented world of Molly Brown’s and Howard Gardner.

Image from The Snip showing Adult Short Films