Documentary, Adventure & Young Adult Short Films 2022

Sunday 9 October 2022 – 10:30
49 mins
Certificate: DFF PG
Venue: Denbies Wine Estate Visitor Centre

Here are the films selected for the Documentary, Adventure and Young Adult Short Films categories at the 7th Dorking Film Festival in 2022.


Director: Philip Hill. UK, 2022, 9 mins.
Wild swimmer and coach Jude Palmer discusses how swimming in rivers, lakes and oceans has helped her deal with mental illness and helped others.


Annabelle’s Aerodynamic Car
Director: Philip Carr. UK, 2021, 10 mins.
Chatham schoolgirl Annabelle Sappor has designed a car with built-in wind turbines to help to charge the battery and extend its range before it needs recharging. We discover more about the project and what Sappor plans to do next.

The Diver’s Son
Director: Nick Sneath. UK, 2022, 4 mins.
Sandy Rijgersberg reveals the personal history of his father’s antique diving suit in this tale of dynasty, diving and the deep.

Director: Annie Catford. UK, 2022, 4 mins.
A visual observation of rock pools as the tide ebbs in and out.

A Soldier of the Great War
Director: Ben Vokes. UK, 2022, 3 mins.
The filmmaker explores the correspondence between his great uncle and aunt in the run up to the Battle of Neuve Chapelle in the First World War. Includes location footage from Camberley and Neuve Chapelle.

Director: Annie Catford. UK, 2021, 2 mins.
Art film that toys with the colour white across different forms and textures.

Wherever, Next
Director: Benedict Webb. UK, 2021. 1 mins.
A student describes leaving his university dormitory room after the highs and lows of lockdown, study and life.

Young Adult

Brooklands Motor Racing Circuit
Director: Luke Whatley-Bigg. UK, 2022, 7 mins.
Luke Whatley-Bigg steers his camera through the history of the Brooklands motor racing circuit in Weybridge.

A Spy Through Time
Director: Sparks Arts.UK, 2022, 7 mins.
Agent Carter gives chases through time and space when a spy steals archive nuclear codes from a museum. Film by the February 2022 half-term class of the Sparks Film School in Hove, East Sussex.

Image from Liminal showing in Adventure Short Films