The Fool's Mate

Adult Short Films 2022

Sunday 9 October 2022 – 11:30
120 mins
Certificate: DFF 15
Venue: Denbies Wine Estate Visitor Centre

Please note: We have put on an EXTRA standalone screening of Traveller at 14:00. Book using the button below.

Here are the films selected for the Adult Short Films category at the 7th Dorking Film Festival in 2022.

Backseat Driver
Director: Jake Balfour-Lynn. UK, 2021, 7 mins.
A London cab driver navigates his way through another night of kinky couples, small talk monotony and noxious fast food.

The Encounter At Boundless
Director: Adam Spinks. UK, 2021, 24 mins.
When a father takes his two children camping for the weekend to reconnect events take a dramatic turn into the unknown.

Everybody Needs Some(dead)body
George Mills, Hannah Seligman. UK, 2021, 20 mins.
After a lonely housewife’s dead husband returns from the grave, she finds herself in a love triangle with her deceased spouse and her new boyfriend.

Finding Wilson
Director: Emily M Smith. UK, 2021, 9 mins.
A young girl’s life is changed forever when she meets a knowing stranger in a woodland clearing.

The Fool’s Mate
Director: Cian Llewellyn. UK, 2022, 12 mins.
Breaking up is never easy, especially when your partner is expecting a different sort of proposal. Perhaps an impromptu game of chess will bring the situation into check.

The Holiday Maker
Harry Mead. UK, 2022, 7 mins.
When a woman can’t afford to go on holiday she crafts a cornucopia of her dream destinations.

Just in Case
Director: Kirsty Robinson-Ward. UK, 2021, 14 mins.
A father and daughter meet at a service station and mental health issues come to the fore in a frank discussion of living with bipolar disorder.

Director: Amy Pringle. UK, 2022, 2 mins.
When a stone suddenly grows a heart he sets off on a journey to offer it to his true love. On the way he meets other creatures that have lost or broken their own hearts.

Director: Caitlin Innes Edwards. UK, 2022, 15 mins.
A woman travelling across an uncertain land finds hope and connection with an abandoned horse as danger closes in.

The Wrong Sort of Grapes
Ben Probert. UK, 2021, 10 mins.
Lots of people chipped in to help during the Coronavirus lockdowns but did we stop to consider the state of mind – or diets – of those on the receiving end!

Image from The Fool’s Mate showing Adult Short Films