Student Short Films 2018

Saturday 24 March 2018 – 11:30
78 mins
Certificate: DFF 18
Venue: Dorking Halls

The Dorking Film Festival asked filmmakers in Surrey, the South-East and the rest of the UK to send us their short films. Here are nine of the best by student filmmakers in higher education. Discover the hilarious benefits of breaking bad news for a living, watch love blossom in a retirement home and view an historical drama from the University of Chichester. A prize will be awarded to the best film in this group at the end of the session.

Student Short Films programme


Director: Noah J Dunbar. UK 2017, 10 mins.
Becoming an alpha male is the be all and end all in this cautionary fable. Misogyny and pick-up culture are just the entry price Travis Bates is prepared to pay to raise his imagined social status. But just how far will he go to become dominant in a world that views him as a misfit?

Funny Guy
Director: Hansel Rodrigues. UK 2016, 14 mins.
Mobsters, herbal tea, and a game of cat and mouse. When a young mobster meets the big boss at his restaurant life seems good. But business is business. Epsom-based filmmaker Hansel Rodrigues gives Martin Scorsese a run for this money.

Make Up Your Mind
Director: Miriam Fox. UK 2017, 3 mins.
A narrator describes the issues of being a young adult in a stream of consciousness animation from UCA Farnham student Miriam Fox.

Next to Arabella
Director: Marie-Solange Ndeley. UK 2017, 10 mins.
Moving into a nursing home doesn’t mean the end. When Manfred & Arabella meet in an old people’s home love beckons in the controlled environment. But can it blossom?

Director: Jack Lumb. UK 2016, 2 mins.
When a man and a woman meet up in a country park their lives seem full of opportunity and hope. Surrey filmmaker Jack Lumb’s film questions whether what the outside world sees as obvious is really that.

Red River
Director: Harry Jones. UK 2017, 12 mins.
With the help of a Nazi Hunter, a concentration camp escapee tracks down an ex-Nazi soldier who took something precious from her during the Second World War. This University of Chichester team show considerable flair in pulling off this historical drama.

The Messenger
Director: Hansel Rodrigues. UK 2017, 8 mins.
With his current dole money frozen and an impending threat of having all his benefits taken from him, Frank is desperate for a get-rich-quick scheme. Opportunity comes in the most unusual of places when an awkward schoolboy enlists the help of Frank to help him break up with his girlfriend. Epsom’s Hansel Rodrigues mines the mother lode for characters prepared to benefit for uncomfortable social situations.

To My Brother
Director: Hansel Rodrigues. UK 2016, 5 mins.
A young man travels around Europe fulfilling his brother’s bucket list. Bittersweet drama shot in a documentary style that tempers the joy of fulfilling one’s dreams with the pain of what might follow their completion.

What Goes Up
Director: Jeannette Savage. UK 2017, 12 mins.
Imaginative little girl Abby is going to explore the stars. She even has her own a cardboard spacecraft. But the destiny of stars is to collapse, and when tragedy strikes suddenly, Abby must learn how to find light in the dark.


Image from The Messenger showing in Animated Short Films.