UK Junior Short Film Competition 2015

Saturday 17 October 2015  – 13:00

80 mins

Certificate: DFF 15

The Dorking Film Festival asked filmmakers in Surrey, the South-East and the rest of the UK to send us their short films. Here are fourteen of the best from young filmmakers aged eighteen years or younger. We present period drama from the First World War, sharp relationship troubles and many other brilliant short films. A prize will be awarded to the best film as judged by the Festival jury at the end of the screening.

Full Junior Short Film programme

A New Start

Director: Ollie Ley, UK 2015, 2 mins.
In a world where every sketchbook contains its own world, two characters decide to escape and head out into our reality. Ollie Ley pulls us into his own unique realm in this sweetly optimistic animation.

Director: Chris Bailey/Dominic Berry, UK 2014, 5 mins.
A wife playing chess with her husband cuts to scenes of three prisoners of war escaping from Germany. The Film Production Club of Bradfield College presents a First World War drama. Games have consequences.

Director: Tom Fordham, UK 2015, 13 mins.
Ten year old Charlie and his imaginary best friend struggle to cope with Charlie’s dad’s new girlfriend. Reality and whimsy collide in this charming fantasy drama.

Give You My Money
Director: Tom Rollo, UK 2015, 3 mins.
What do you do if your friend continually offers to pay for everything? Two friends concoct increasingly fantastical ways to redress the balance in this comedy from Dorking.

Director: Rachel Bashford, UK 2015, 4 mins.
Teenager Jess wanders in despair through an uncaring urban sprawl. Her drastic actions lead to a moment’s respite and a cinematic epiphany before cruel reality reasserts itself. Strong issues from Caterham-based filmmaker Rachel Bashford.

Know You Not
Director: Chas Harrington, UK 2015, 6 mins.
Seeing is believing. Or is it? When Tommy unexpectedly meets his brother something is not quite right. As they reacquaint themselves a sense of unease builds.

Director: Sean Ramsden, UK 2015, 7 mins.
Leave Gravity and Interstellar behind with Sean Ramsden’s mission to the Andromeda Galaxy. An astronaut dares to explore the cosmos in this mesmerising model animation with an epic scope and a soundtrack to match.

No More
Director: Olivia Lands, UK 2015, 3 mins.
A young woman escapes from an abusive relationship to the one place where freedom is guaranteed: her imagination. Weybridge filmmaker Olivia Lands matches the pain of conflict with a glimpse at how life could be or perhaps should be.

Not Alone
Director: Col Norrish, UK 2015, 9 mins.
A boy wakes up to an empty world, devoid of human life. With the help of a mentally and spatially unstable girl he goes searching for civilization and answers. Stark settings and deep ideas shine.

Director: Lucy Hodder, UK 2015, 3 mins.
Holly always skips the track before it ends. Or in this case ‘shuffles’ between her relationships. Will she stay with Chris? Or one of her other romances or somebody else entirely?

Director: Jamie Koudia, UK 2015, 5 mins.
Syd imagines the private life of one’s 1960s rock’s most famous casualties, original Pink Floyd frontman Syd Barrett. Drugs, music and musings on life all feature.

The Days
Director: Dominic Berry, UK 2015, 3 mins.
Life moves onwards. All the while it is captured in a girl’s diary as she recalls meeting a boy, starting a relationship with him and eventually breaking up. Sadness doesn’t even come close.

True Colours
Director: Eren Kaplan, UK 2015, 5 mins.
A young man struggles to capture what has always eluded him: the ability to see the world in its full splendour. Other more extreme options become available but will these reveal his ‘true colours’? Perhaps, beauty is, quite literally, in the eye of the beholder.

Director: Louis Berry, UK 2015, 7 mins.
Brothers Carter and Aiden are having a hard time dealing with the recent loss of their mother. We follow their daily boating routine on a certain day. Kayaks and festering resentments head out to sea in this tidal drama.

Image from Borderline screening in UK Junior Short Film Competition