Bus Stop

UK Adult Short Film Competition 2015

Saturday 17 October 2015  – 14:30

125 mins

Certificate: DFF 18

The Dorking Film Festival asked filmmakers in Surrey, the South-East and the rest of the UK to send us their short films. Here are fourteen of the best from adult filmmakers aged nineteen years or older. Sit back and enjoy mermaids in Hastings, bus stop romances in Woking and many other brilliant short films. A prize will be awarded to the best film as judged by the Festival jury at the end of the screening.

Full Adult Short Film programme

After Eric: Part of That World

Director: Marcus J Richardson, UK 2015, 14 mins.
A documentary crew follow the real-life inspiration for ‘Ariel’ from The Little Mermaid as she struggles to adapt to life on the south coast of England. Discover what happened to Eric, Flounder, Ursula and the rest in this comedy mockumentary.

Alarm Clock Kid
Director: Charlie Tod, UK 2015, 12 mins.
A young boy sets up a personalised wake-up service in his local neighbourhood. Bittersweet brilliance from Henley-On-Thames with more than the odd shade of Michel Gondry.

Bus Stop
Director: Jamie Sims, UK 2014, 12 mins.
He just lost his job. She just got dumped. Two strangers meet at a bus stop right when they need each other the most. Forget Paris, Rome or Casablanca – Woking (!) is the most romantic town ever in this successor to Before Sunrise.

Cat In The Bag
Director: Jack Allum, UK 2015, 19 mins.
When a man accidentally kills his friend, he must figure out what to do. But things are about to get a whole lot more complicated. Black humour abounds in this take on Blithe Spirit for the Breaking Bad generation.

Club Drunk
Director: Mitchell Crawford, UK 2014, 2 mins.
It’s all about to go off big time! Join a group of clubbers for the best night out ever (until next week…) in this pumping, throbbing and scintillating animation from UCA Farnham student Mitchell Crawford.

Director: Bradley Kiel, UK 2015, 6 mins.
A couple awake on the morning of their wedding day. Should they go along? Or should they blow the whole thing and run away? Affection and expectation collide in this tale of young love from UCA Farnham alumni Bradley Kiel.

Director: Joshua Bond, UK 2015, 3 mins.
In this short film created for the Dirty Runner Film Society runners Joshua Bond and Luke Mears explore Chamonix’s diverse mountain trails, switchbacking in and out of forests, crossing meadows, glissading through snowy boulderfields and even pulling themselves up fixed ropes and ladders.

Losing The Light
Director: Bruce Whitehall, UK 2015, 1 mins.
An old lady collapses in the street. Bed bound and surrounded by those who care for her, the inevitable slowly happens. Bruce Whitehall confronts our mortality from the first person in this elegant cine-poem.

Love And Papercuts
Director: Dann Parry, UK 2015, 4 mins.
A lonely man, struggling to find romance, finds love in origami. Stop motion animation for grown-ups from UCA Farnham alumni Dann Parry. Wallace and Gromit this isn’t.

None Of Your Business
Director: Gav Chuckie Steel, UK 2014, 3 mins.
Four friends discuss the perils of hitchhiking down the pub. One of their number, Alex, tells the tale of how his friend’s dad picked up a creepy looking hitchhiker on a dark and rainy night. Superior storytelling.

Only Foils And Horseshoes
Directors: Sam Ivermee/Marcus Hughes/Sara Hessam, UK 2015, 9 mins.
Enter the mindset of collectors and the world of metal detecting. A seemingly dull hobby perhaps, yet for a few people one that ignites creativity, passion and a need to get stuck in the mud! Join Dr Jerry and Anne-Marie as they discuss their favourite finds in this documentary. If you liked Detectorists you, you’ll love this.

Petite Mort
Director: Alasdair Connell, UK 2015, 5 mins.
On a sweltering summer’s day a little snail crosses the great landscape of a sunbathing girl’s back. Like a slow but steady conquering hero, the snail nudges the sleeping girl’s dreams towards the sensuous pleasures of youth. But the adventures of innocent young snails can end more abruptly than they might expect.

Director: Geoff Harmer, UK 2015, 6 mins.
A woman home alone takes a ‘selfie’ for her boyfriend. He texts back to ask if she’s alone… Take your pick from John Carpenter to Hideo Nakata. Take the hint that this horror short film is going to scare the hell out of you. Just don’t take a selfie.

Directors: Ewan Golder/Leah Thorn, UK 2015, 21 mins.
Poet Leah Thorn and filmmaker Ewan Golder join forces to slowly reveal the role of memory to identity and the impact of dementia on a father/daughter relationship. Super 8 film, poetry, storytelling, photography and a haunting soundscape by Lemez Lovas and Moshik Kop collaborate to create this deeply personal and moving film of love and loss.

Image from Bus Stop screening in UK Adult Short Film Competition