Junior Short Films 2019

Saturday 23 March 2019 – 10:00
69 mins
Certificate: DFF 15
Venue: Dorking Halls

The Dorking Film Festival asked filmmakers in Surrey, the South-East and the rest of the UK to send us their short films. Here are eleven of the best from young filmmakers aged eighteen years or younger. We present an irreverent confession, the creepiest babysitting gig ever and an investigation into who stole the cookie from the cookie jar! A prize will be awarded to the best film in this group at the end of the session.

Junior Short Film Programme

Archie & Pip
Elliot Kershaw, UK, 2018, 2 mins.
A boy makes a friend in the woods with increasingly outlandish results. Fun clay animation from Godalming College student Elliot Kershaw.

Boabolly Gunther
Elliot Kershaw, UK, 2018, 2 mins.
A monster lives in the woods but something is wrong. He is lonely. Thankfully, a young boy is able to help him in this atmospheric fairy tale.

Bobby Goodchild
Elyza Donnelly, UK, 2018, 6 mins.
When a teenage turns up for a last minute babysitting job things look decidedly dubious. Creepy house, overbearing mother and a suspiciously silent boy. What’s a girl supposed to do other than pitch in and hope she makes it until the end of the gig.

The Confession
James Wildgoose, UK, 2018, 4 mins.
They say that confession is good for the soul but when does it become too much? When a teenager bares her soul at church the sins pile up with hilarious speed as her life, friends and relationships collide.

Kiren Santhosh, UK, 2018, 2 mins.
Kiren Santhosh’s short is an experimental film exploring the contrast between the isolation of a room and the world outside of it.

Jess O’Brien, UK, 2018. 6 mins.
Reading out a romantic poem in class takes courage. But who are the words for? Jess O’Brien’s short film absolutely nails the rush of new love.

Oisin-Tomas O Raghallaigh, UK, 2018, 11 mins.
A prison inmate is desperate for a new relationship with his daughter and former partner. Yet past indiscretions and present dangers challenge him.

Lauren Green, UK, 2018, 6 mins.
A teenage girl strikes up a relationship with a horse as her personal life disintegrates. Social realism moves with the times in this well observed issue-based drama.

Olivia Hughes, UK, 2018, 6 mins.
Flying Scotsman is coming and two trainspotters are determined not to miss it. The world might have other ideas.Think Detectorists with steam engines in this humorous mockumentary.

Starman from Heaven
Elliot Kershaw, UK, 2018, 19 mins.
Eddie Queens is a singer who is coming to terms with his future career as well as his sexuality. It all clicks into place when he meets fellow singer Harvey but life is never that easy. Elliot Kershaw directs this drama about young adults navigating bands and love in Brighton.

A Sweet Mystery
Sebastian Body, UK, 2018, 3 mins.
Inspector Crumb is on the trail of the perp who stole the cookie from the cookie jar. University of Surrey student Sebastian Body takes the biscuit in this masterful pastiche.

Image from Starman from Heaven showing in Junior Short Films.